Basement Construction
Basement Construction
Basement Builders Melbourne Can Rely On

Basement Builders Melbourne Can Rely On

Working on projects large and small, we can provide basement garages for residential building projects, or basement car parks for large commercial buildings. With our basement construction services, Melbourne builders or civil project managers can rest easy knowing that they have chosen the best.

We regularly work with industry professionals on a variety of projects, and with over 150 years of combined experience within the Integrated Green Construction team, there are few situations that can surprise us.

Whether the basement retention system is constructed using cement block, or with concrete piles, shotcrete, and a capping beam system, you can count on our team to be meticulous in their work, so that all plans for drainage and waterproofing are carried out exactly as they should be.

Expert Basement Construction Services for Melbourne 

When you work with the IGC team, you can expect clear communication and absolute reliability as we work on basement construction. Melbourne construction companies don’t have to leave this foundation work to chance. When you work with an experienced team you can expect outstanding results, no matter what challenges may present themselves over the ordinary course of a construction project.

We work with other trades on site and carry out our work efficiently to ensure that building can go ahead as planned. We’re flexible when we need to be, whilst always adhering to standards. For a team who go above and beyond every time, concreter and project manager Chris couldn’t be prouder of the team he has assembled at IGC.

The Right Choice for Basement Construction in Melbourne

To talk to a team of basement builders in Melbourne who hold themselves to the same high standards that you do, talk to the team at Integrated Green Construction today. We can quote on basement construction services for luxury developments, commercial, or industrial projects. Get in touch today and talk to a team who won’t let you down.

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