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Industrial Concreters Melbourne

Industrial Concreters Melbourne

When you’re looking for the best in industrial concreting, look no further than Integrated Green Construction. We will strive to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them. Whatever industrial purpose you require, whether it’s for a large or small factory, we have all the expertise to complete the job.We take pride in completion of all our jobs. Our factory slabs are built very strong, able to withstand all necessary loads. The concrete we can lay can handle static loads and dynamic loads, so that you can feel confident in both permanent plant and movable items.We complete all jobs on time and according to budget, so if you’re looking to increase cash flow fast, you can rely on IGC to minimise disruption to your construction and operation plan. Margins are always tight in industry, why not partner with a concreter that understands?We have one-hundred-and-fifty-years’ experience across our team, so you know we have the expertise to get the job done right. The team at IGC have on-the-job expertise that simply can’t be taught!Call today to partner with the consummate professionals!
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