Factory Slabs
Factory Slabs

Factory Slabs Melbourne

When it comes to factory slabs in Melbourne, you want a concreter with a commitment to efficient construction with a flawlessly engineered finish. Integrated Green Construction boast decades of experience in their team. They have a reputation across the concreting industry for a service that exceeds their client’s expectations, whether the job is large or small.

Our factory slabs for Melbourne industries are built to last, able to withstand both static loads (from permanent plant) and dynamic loads (from moving equipment, loading trucks, raw goods and finished products).

We produce quality formwork, to ensure your construction is produced as efficiently as possible. We also lay insulation to improve the thermal performance of the factory space. We are renowned for completing construction on time and according to budget, to minimise disruption to your operations, or to maximise your development project. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.


Warehouse Slabs in Melbourne

At Integrated Green Construction, we are experts in quality formwork concreting. We offer high quality warehouse slabs for Melbourne businesses, made up of long-lasting, quality concrete. By using the best and most advanced technology in the industry, we ensure our warehouse slabs for Melbourne clients are durable and fit precise dimensions.

For top quality warehouse slabs, Melbourne locals can call us to get planning today.

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