Commercial Concrete Construction

Commercial Concrete Construction 01
Commercial Concrete Construction
For quality workmanship in commercial concrete construction, it must be Integrated Green Construction. Our experts have over one-hundred-and-fifty-years’ combined experience in the commercial concreting industry between them. In their experience, they have learnt things on the job that simply can’t be taught. They can anticipate common problems and have, as a result of their experience, ready solutions.Since the company’s formation, they have gone from strength to strength. They have successfully completed a range of difficult projects, requiring precise planning, efficiency and organisation. IGC has built a reputation on the back of quality work, with careful attention to detail. If you have a commercial construction project that you need done right, on time and according to budget, you want to partner with the professionals at Integrated Green Construction.Our quality workmanship uses the best of quality raw materials and formwork to provide you with a construction that is built to last. Our concrete is a blend of old and new techniques: the best of good-quality craftsmanship matched with traditional techniques and up-to-date technology.We have completed a range of different projects, including commercial, civil, domestic, among many other forms. All our major projects are completed to our highest standard of professionalism.
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